Zero Backlog Desk Management System©

We believe that one of the most serious problems in agencies today is chronic and intractable backlog.

Automation, which was supposed to make us more productive and efficient, does not seem to have solved the problem. In fact, in some ways it has added to the chaos.

Constantly being behind and unable to catch up increases stress, decreases employee morale, reduces profitability, and results in poor customer service. It is not the Account Manager's fault! If they knew how to solve the problem, they would have done it by now. We have a simple, but extremely effective system that will eliminate the current backlog and keep it in check—forever!

Account Managers tell us that once implemented, this system changed their life—for the better. Work is prioritized and organized based on the nature of the task, not the personality of the producer or the size of the account. As a bonus, E&O exposures are reduced because work is getting processed at a steady rate and in a timely manner.