Agency Valuations and Succession Planning

A recent study indicates that only 20% of independent agencies have a written succession plan.

Let's face it—no one likes to think about becoming disabled or dying unexpectedly, and some people can't even picture what it would be like to retire.

For many agency owners, the firm represents their largest asset, and while they develop a plan to dispose of their home and other assets, they don't always do what must be done to ensure a smooth transition of agency ownership. Don't you owe it to your family, your business partners, your staff, your clients, and YOURSELF to take care of this important problem?

Regardless if you plan to pass the agency to your spouse or children, sell internally, or find an external buyer, you first need to set a value on the agency. We can help you through the often confusing process of determining a value for your organization, or one you are thinking about acquiring. Due diligence helps you ensure that the price you receive... or pay... is based on sound business and financial principles.