Automation Solutions

Agencies have struggled with the transition to a truly paperless environment for years.

We sometimes hear, "It works for Personal Lines, but we could never be paperless in Commercial," or "The companies send us paper so there's nothing we can do about it." Not true!

We work with many agencies that have stopped paper the second it sneaks in the door. Using front-end document management and the full capability of the agency's management system, you can eliminate those paper files, improve productivity, and get rid of those paper cuts forever!

No matter what system you use, you are likely only utilizing a small portion of its capability. Unless you fully utilize this valuable investment, you are confined to employ only people who live within commuting distance of your office. Imagine being able to offer work-from-home days as an employee benefit for select staff members or never having to say goodbye to a valued employee just because they are moving out of the area. Full use of automation is what enables an agency to grow revenue at a higher rate; and the process isn't even difficult.