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For far too long, consultants have been hired by independent insurance agencies to review their current operations and make recommendations for improvements. Many of these consultants operate on the, "if you've seen one, you've seen them all" premise. We don't believe that for a minute!
Just like people, every agency has its own culture and personality. No single set of solutions will work for every one. We don't use a cookie-cutter approach to consulting. We spend the time needed to get to know your agency, its owners and managers and team members. If you tell us where you're headed, we'll recommend a practical and executable strategy to help you get there.

If two people visit a doctor exhibiting very different symptoms, it's unlikely the doctor would prescribe the same drug to both of them—and if he or she did, it would be malpractice! We provide customized solutions targeted to the 'pain' being experienced in the agency.

The AMRG Difference

One of the biggest advantages we have in our approach to consulting is that we have held every position in an insurance agency—from account manager to producer to owner.

We have the opportunity to work in real agencies throughout the country nearly every week. We don't simply provide advice and recommendations—the usual "consulting fluff"—our recommendations are based on our observations of what works and what doesn't. And unlike other "drive by shooting" consulting approaches, we'll help you implement the proposed solution and stay with you every step of the way.

We offer proven strategies to improve your agency in the areas of sales and marketing, internal operations, customer service, technology, and accounting. Aligning those strategies with experienced insurance professionals who have been putting them into practice for over three decades will allow your agency to reach its goals... and more.

We want to help take your agency way beyond best practices. If you want to set the pace for your competitors, let us know and we'll get to work!

Solution Success

On the Zero Backlog© System...

"The new system gives me a feeling that I have less work and more time, and therefore I don’t feel like I'm rushing through things and I feel like I'm looking over my work more carefully. So maybe this system will not only reduce back log but also increase quality control!"

Phyllis - Bozeman, MT