The Ultimate Producer School™

The Ultimate Producer School™, which started in 1999, is open to all agents and brokers. The school combines technical coverage information, emphasizing commercial insurance, with extensive sales training and business development planning.

"It's something that will never be finished. Something that I can keep developing...and adding to."
—Walt Disney on Disneyland

Much like Walt, we feel the same way about our producer school; It's always changing to meet the demands of the industry today. No two producer schools are alike as we tailor the schools to provide you with today's most current information.. Check here to see what current offerings are for our producer school students.

Current Curriculum

The Ultimate Producer School™ is two consecutive weeks long to get producers trained and back to the agency quickly, ready to hit the ground running

Current Schools Include:

  • Essential Selling Skills™ (2 1/2 Days)
  • Charactaristics of the Ultimate Producer
  • Skill Practice—Role Playing—Field Work
  • Focused Goal Setting
  • Leadership for the New Agent
  • Using Technology/Social Media
  • The Ultimate Submission
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Why Do I Need This?

You just got hired on as a producer, congratulations!

The agency owner welcomes you with a firm handshake, shows you your desk, your phone, and hands you a list of hot prospects. Excited and ready, you make that first cold call where you are politely rejected and sent down the list to the next prospect. Exhausted and frustrated, you wonder why you're not selling more. Is it me?

You wouldn't have been chosen as the next great producer at that agency if they didn't see potential, but how much can you expect to do without the proper training? This course prepares the new producer to be successful, and get better results faster.

Class Information

We value our student-teacher ratios

All current registrations are full, please contact us to be placed on the waiting list for an extra class.

Groups of 10 or more can benefit from our customized two week, new producer academy. We come to you, limit expenses.

Each participant will benefit from having a sponsor or mentor at his or her agency who agrees to support and reinforce the training received at the Ultimate Producer School and work with the participant to further develop his or her technical and sales skills beyond the classroom.

Sponsors are encouraged to join their producer for one day during the first week at no additional cost. Not only does this aid in an understanding of what your producer is learning, it also ensures that the producer returns to an agency with a conducive growth environment.