Designations - CRIS®

The Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist designation, brings focus to the insurance and risk management needs of construction projects and contractors. Know your niche!

"I recently went to a new doctor and noticed he was located in something called the Professional Building. I felt better right away.  —George Carlin

Let's face it, perception is reality. You've chosen to specialize in the construction field, but what sets you apart from your competition when it comes to what the buyer sees? The CRIS® designation shows your prospects and clients that you know what they do and understand what they need to be properly protected. It allows agency producers and CSRs to better sell and service construction accounts and build life-long relationships.

Course Curriculum

The CRIS® designation program is comprised of five core courses and one optional course.

Optional Course

What's in it for me?

Stand out from the competition and show your prospects and clients that you understand their needs!

When you obtain the CRIS certification, you make a statement to contractors that you are committed to serving them and have the knowledge to do it well.

Your enhanced credibility along with the confidence you'll gain as a result of your new knowledge will improve your ability to sell insurance to contractors and negotiate intelligently on their behalf with underwriters or adjusters.

You may also elect to have your name, firm, and phone number included in the directory of CRIS construction insurance agents and brokers.

Class Information

We'll bring CRIS® to you!

We don't currently have any public CRIS® courses. Contact us to have us come to your agency or to inquire to be put onto our waiting list for CRIS®.

The segment approach lends itself to one-day presentations that can be delivered in your office. Exams are taken on-site following the class. No travel and less time out of the office.

If you are an agency owner or sales manager you can sign up a group for this education program. There is strength in numbers. Imagine what your team could be doing with the proper training.

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