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Agency Management Resource Group offers a wide variety of continuing education classes taught by industry leaders. Our instructors are all experienced in selling, servicing and managing in independent insurance agencies.

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school."
—Albert Einstein

We strive to make each and every one of our CE Classes engaging to our students so that they leave educated, entertained, and energized. CE shouldn't be something that you "have to do", rather it should be something that betters you and your agency long after you leave the classroom. Our CE offerings are constantly changing to keep current with today's events, but there are a number of "oldies-but-goodies" to choose from as well.

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AAI 81 Segment A - Principles of Insurance - 8 Hours
Course ID: 177980   Category: Fire/Casualty

An overview of the insurance business including principles, nature and organization as well as legal issues, risk management and insurance sales and account development.

AAI 81 Segment B - Personal Insurance - 8 Hours
Course ID: 177981   Category: Fire/Casualty

Includes homeowners, dwelling, flood, personal auto, miscellaneous vehicles, inland marine, aviation, and personal umbrella. In addition... personal financial products, social security, and various life insurance products.

AAI 81 Segment C - Commercial Property Insurance - 9 Hours
Course ID: 177982   Category: Fire/Casualty

Includes building and personal property coverage forms, business income coverage forms, causes of loss forms, and several commonly used inland marine policies

AAI 82 Segment A - Commercial Liability and Auto - 8 Hours
Course ID: 177984   Category: Fire/Casualty

Includes occurrence and claims made liability policies and their popular endorsements, commercial auto, garage and truckers policies.

AAI 82 Segment B - Commercial Lines - 8 Hours
Course ID: 177978   Category: Fire/Casualty

Includes Commercial Crime, Businessowners, Farm Insurance, Workers Compensation and various other miscellaneous commercial coverages including business life insurance.

AAI 82 Segment C - Specialized Commercial Lines - 9 Hours
Course ID: 177999   Category: Fire/Casualty

Includes specialized property coverages, commercial umbrella, ocean marine, and commercial aviation coverages. In addition, the various types of surety bonds will be examined for proper use and protection provided.

AAI 83 Segment A - Principles of Agency Management - 8 Hours
Course ID: 178018   Category: Life/Health

Learn about the formation and environment of an agency, organizational management, sales management, and personal production plans including time management and negotiating skills.

AAI 83 Segment B - Agency/Company Relations - 8 Hours
Course ID: 178019   Category: Life/Health

Understand the relationship between producer and insurer, ways of developing the public image of your agency and how to handle agency growth and customer communications, while understanding the work of market segmentation and target marketing.

AAI 83 Segment C - Agency Financial Management - 9 Hours
Course ID: 178020   Category: Life/Health

The ins-and-outs of agency management as it relates to technology, client service, financial management and the producers' legal and ethical responsibilities.

Additional Insureds and Certificates of Insurance - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178118   Category: Fire/Casualty

Deals with one of the most misunderstood areas of insurance. It also represents huge potential for E&O claims against agents and brokers. The imperative to provide outstanding customer services sometimes leads agents to abuse standard certificates. This seminar discusses contract law and how it applies, the proper use of evidence of insurance forms, and the history of AI endorsements.

Advanced Commercial Lines Case Study I - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178119   Category: Fire/Casualty

Learn how to apply the Risk Management process to the three following case studies: small manufacturing firm, a professional exposure, and a garage risk. Understand and explain endorsements to the basic policy forms that need to be used to modify coverage in different situations resulting in a better product for the consumer. Case studies can be customized to your unique situations.

Advanced Commercial Lines Case Study II - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178120   Category: Fire/Casualty

In this participatory workshop with the use of two fictional case studies in commercial lines, you will learn how endorsements to the basic policy forms need to be used to modify coverage in different situations resulting in a better product for the consumer. Case studies can be customized to your unique situations.

All Risk Property Coverage - 1 Hour
Course ID: 187959   Category: Fire/Casualty

This brief session will examine the types of policies that are available to provide a business with close to true "all risk" protection for its property.

Am I Covered? A Systematic Approach to Insurance Policy Interpretation - 3 Hours
Course ID: 180699   Category: Fire/Casualty

Possibly the most important skill any insurance professional can develop is the ability to analyze insurance contracts to determine what is, and what is not, covered by the policy. This session will include the development of a coverage matrix that can be used to compare and contrast any insurance policy.

Another Look at Ethics - 4 Hours
Course ID: 213302   Category: Ethics

There is probably no topic more important to discuss with an agency's staff than this one. This workshop will include case studies of ethical situations for group discussion and provide a framework for making ethical decisions.

Are You Covered for the "What if?" - Analyzing the Personal Umbrella - 2 Hours
Course ID: 178165   Category: Fire/Casualty

This class will analyze why even with coverage you have for Homeowners, Auto, watercraft, and motorcycles, you still might NOT have enough insurance. With today's lawsuit conscious society, a family needs to make sure it is covered for the "what if".

Auto Business or Business Auto: The Need for Garage Policies - 3 Hours
Course ID: 178121   Category: Fire/Casualty

Recognize the need for garage policies to treat the insurance needs of those in the automobile business and understand the limitations of the business auto and CGL policies that apply to garage risks.

Best Practices - Agency Self-Diagnostic Tool Workshop - 3 Hours
Course ID: 178021   Category: Life/Health

By determining specific problem areas, agents can learn how to improve their overall business operations. This workshop takes attendees through the process of using the IIABA Self Diagnostic Tool. The tool helps agents assess areas of their business such as growth, profitability, stability, and financial management and set priorities that focus on those areas most critical to their success. Agents will also participate in a planning session where they will develop a performance enhancement plan outlined in the SDT.

Best Practices - An Introduction - 2 Hours
Course ID: 178038   Category: Life/Health

Independent agents looking to build the value of their businesses and join the ranks of the country's most successful agencies can learn how with this seminar. It introduces agents to the business practices common to the agencies participating in the IIABA Best Practices Study. The presentation includes anecdotal information gleaned from on-site and telephone interviews as well as actual survey results. Results of consumer research conducted by IIABA and its Future One Marketing Task Force are also woven throughout the seminar.

Best Practices - Automating Your Agency - 3 Hours
Course ID: 178039   Category: Life/Health

Although independent agencies made automation decisions many years ago, they have yet to achieve the efficiency gains and increased profit that was promised. This seminar will help agents align their business strategy with their technology decisions and understand the business issues behind automation. The seminar will provide practical tips and ideas on how to fully utilize technology to improve customer service, profitability, productivity, and efficiency while also avoiding errors and omissions claims.

Best Practices - Bloodlines and Birthdates - Leadership in the 21st Century - 3 Hours
Course ID: 178040   Category: Life/Health

I love you, you're perfect, now change. Understand how agencies will attract, retain, include, and create opportunities for real responsibility and partnership for young agents. Help to neutralize negatives, focus on the positives, and try to relate to the younger and older generation.

Best Practices - Business Perpetuation and Mgmt. Succession - 3 Hours
Course ID: 178058   Category: Life/Health

Participants will be able to understand the major issues involved in perpetuating their agencies and making a successful transition in management and leadership. Also, be familiar with the 8-step process involved in transferring agency ownership, and the major factors involved in agency perpetuation, while providing agents with necessary tools to begin the perpetuation planning process.

Best Practices - Creating a Sales Organization - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178059   Category: Life/Health

Agents can learn what characteristics and practices are common to world class sales organizations both inside and outside the insurance industry in this seminar. By examining how the "best" have created a sales culture and built strong sales organizations, agents will delve into the IIABA's study, Best Practices of the Leading Sales Organizations in the United States. Agents will receive several useful tools to measure the strengths and weaknesses of a sales organization. Materials provided will help attendees make practical applications of the workshop content.

Best Practices - Insurance Distribution, Trends, Implications, and Effects of Change - 3 Hours
Course ID: 178060   Category: Life/Health

Understand that evolutionary versus revolutionary change is not sufficient to meet customer needs and stave off competitive forces in the insurance industry. Understand the drivers of change in the current insurance distribution system while encouraging the observation of distribution in other industries to understand their potential impact on the insurance business.

Best Practices - Joint Agency / Company Planning Tool - 3 Hours
Course ID: 178061   Category: Life/Health

Understand the importance of joint planning between the agency and the companies they represent and between the company and the agents they represent. Understand the tool to proactively approach new companies for appointments and their existing companies to strengthen their relationship. Review the joint planning tool and become comfortable with the information required and the need for full and open disclosure form both the agent and the company.

Best Practices - Quality Customer Service - 3 Hours
Course ID: 178062   Category: Life/Health

Agents interested in making quality customer service part of their agency culture can do so by attending this workshop. The workshop teaches agents how to collect and use information already available in the agency to improve customer satisfaction. By using the IIABA Quality Customer Service IDEA BOOK, agents will learn tangible skills and techniques to make quality customer service part of their everyday business operations. The workshop will provide agents with ideas for enhancing customer service satisfaction and details on how they can tailor a customer service program to fit any agency, no matter how big or small.

Best Practices - Recruiting, Developing, and Motivating New Producers - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178063   Category: Life/Health

Understand the costs and benefits of adding new producer to your sales staff while designing effective compensation packages for new producers. Understand the methods used to find candidates for producer positions, determine appropriate competencies, revisit interview techniques and develop a process for bringing new producers into the agency. Become familiar with the various forms of producer career development and methods to motivate and retain new producers.

Best Practices - The Next Generation - A Young Agent's Leadership Guide - 6 Hours
Course ID: 178065   Category: Life/Health

A more in-depth look at issues faced by independent agencies and the Young Agents employed by them. Identifies the importance of focusing on young agents, helps understand the traditional agency management model, while grasping the critical leadership and communication skills for the future. You will also be able to integrate new ideals and new ways of doing business to build effective teams, and look to the future for an agency ownership career path.

Best Practices - The Next Generation Leadership Seminar - 3 Hours
Course ID: 178078   Category: Life/Health

Understand how to search out and maintain opportunities for real responsibility and partnership in independent agencies. Developed with the Young Agent in mind, this seminar introduces a new leadership tool that will help them through specific leadership issues as they arise.

Best Practices: Technology - Making Money the New Fashioned Way - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178064   Category: Life/Health

Understand the current use of technology and make informed decisions on what types of technology to implement in the future in order to streamline processes, increase efficiencies, and increase revenues.

Better than Garlic - Enchanted Endorsements to Keep the E&O Vampire Away From Your Door - 3 Hours
Course ID: 178122   Category: Fire/Casualty

A fast-paced three hour look at the policy endorsements all agency personnel need to know about or know more about to refine and complete the protection provided to the agency's clients.

Businessowners Policies - 4 Hours
Course ID: 180701   Category: Fire/Casualty

Understand the history of BOP policies, determine who is eligible to purchase the BOP, and explain the coverages provided and not provided by various BOP policies. Also understand when BOP is an inappropriate tool by discussing the limitations in the forms.

Certificates and Other Proof of Insurance - 4 Hours
Course ID: 183818   Category: Fire/Casualty

A key to maintaining happy customers is often providing them with the timely issuance of Certificates of Insurance and other types of coverage evidence. This seminar will discuss the proper completion of Certificates, including the importance of using the right ACORD form, the differences between each type of evidence, and the significance, for the agency, of those differences.

CGL Additional Insured Endorsements - 2 Hours
Course ID: 187958   Category: Fire/Casualty

We just can't get enough of this topic. Unlike our 4 hour workshop, this one focuses just on the AI endorsements themselves that are currently available and when it is appropriate to use each.

Claims Practices and Practical Coverage Questions Workshop - 4 Hours
Course ID: 177778   Category: Fire/Casualty

Agents agree to be the client's advocate at claim time, yet many of us don't fully understand the claim handling process from the company's and insured's standpoint. This workshop, led by a person with many years of claims experience, will help uncover the mysteries behind company claim processing and discuss the disputes that sometimes arise when the insured presents a claim, including how to resolve those issues.

Client Diversity and Fair Access: The Times they are a'Changin' - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178141   Category: Life/Health

Given today's diverse customer base, yesterday's sales and marketing practices will no longer do. Learn how to market and sell to various customers of differing race, gender, ethnicity, and culture.

Commercial Auto, Surety, CIPs and Miscellaneous Lines - 7 Hours
Course ID: 228187   Category:

This course provides a general overview of standard commercial general liability insurance and umbrella liability insurance, with specific attention to provisions that most affect coverage or create problems for some or all contractors. It covers elements required to trigger coverage, application of standard policy exclusions, and various standard endorsements, all within a construction context. Suggestions for modifying coverage to address potential coverage gaps and other problematic provisions are provided where appropriate.

Commercial Automobile Insurance - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178142   Category: Fire/Casualty

Understand the coverage provided and excluded by the BAP including "covered auto", "who is an insured", and pertinent endorsements.

Commercial Crime Coverage: Beyond the Basics - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178143   Category: Fire/Casualty

In July 2002, the world of Crime Coverage drastically changed with the introduction of the NEW CRIME FORMS. This workshop is a fine-tuned update of the changes. Learn about the new "Discovery" vs. "Loss Sustained" Forms and how Employee Theft Coverage has changed as well as how to handle new Computer Fraud exposures... and much more.

Commercial Excess and Umbrella Liability Coverage - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178144   Category: Fire/Casualty

Understand how to sell Excess and Umbrella coverages using plain English. Be able to explain what is and is not covered by typical policies.

Commercial Liability Insurance for Contractors - 7 Hours
Course ID: 229947   Category: Fire/Casualty

This course provides a general overview of standard commercial general liability insurance and umbrella liability insurance, with specific attention to provisions that most affect coverage or create problems for some or all contractors. It covers elements required to trigger coverage, application of standard policy exclusions, and various standard endorsements, all within a construction context. Suggestions for modifying coverage to address potential coverage gaps and other problematic provisions are provided where appropriate.

Commercial Property Coverage I - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178145   Category: Fire/Casualty

Be able to understand the role of insurance rate and form advisory organizations, have a general understanding of the various ISO Commercial Lines Coverage Parts relating to property. Have an understanding of the most often used Commercial Property form - the Building and Personal Property Coverage Form. Have an understanding of Commercial Property Conditions, and explain whether a described claim would be covered under this form. Define or describe the key words and phrases for this course.

Commercial Property Coverage II - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178146   Category: Fire/Casualty

Understand the uses for various optional valuation methods in property insurance, alternatives to coinsurance, blanket insurance and its uses. Know the options for insuring fluctuating property values and when to use them, and overall, be able to describe the key words and phrases for this course.

Commercial Property Update - 4 Hours
Course ID: 180700   Category: Fire/Casualty

Think how unexciting our business would be if it weren't for the ISO constantly introducing new versions to our basic insurance policies! We will look at the most recent changes to the commercial property forms, including the reasoning behind those changes.

Computer Conundrums - Analyzing the EDP - 2 Hours
Course ID: 178167   Category: Fire/Casualty

We will examine the Electronic Data Processing policy and identify property covered and not coveredby the policy - and why we need it even if we have property coverage for our computers. We will list and describe factors to determine the amount of EDP coverage needed, as we identify EDP exposures in a typical business and explain the valuation options found.

Difference in Conditions - 3 Hours
Course ID: 178168   Category: Fire/Casualty

All the fundamentals you need to market and sell this important line of business.

Doing it Like a Pro - A Beginner's Guide to Professional Liability - 4 Hours
Course ID: 197859   Category: Fire/Casualty

This is the definitive workshop designed to help you recognize professional exposures with your current and potential clients and how best to treat those exposures properly. TAKE OUR QUIZ: Which of the following have the courts declared to be Professionals? (and therefore, in need of Professional Liability Insurance?) a: Marine Surveyors, b: Web page designers, c: Employment Agencies, d: Software consultants, e: Inventory Control Services? ANSWER: ALL OF THE ABOVE!!

Dynamics of Personal Lines - 3 Hours
Course ID: 178147   Category: Fire/Casualty

Learn how to market and sell insurance in the Internet age. Study successful agencies and learn what they have done to manage their personal lines book of business for increased profitability and success.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance and Insurance - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178148   Category: Life/Health

Understand the basis of EPL suits and the exposures created for businesses and organizations. Describe the coverage provided by EPLI policies and how to sell these policies to your client.

Errors and Omissions Loss Control - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178149   Category: Life/Health

The preeminent E&O loss control workshop in the P&C industry. Learn how it happens, how to stop it, and how to maximize your profit in the process.

Ethics, Smethics, Cut Me Another Piece of the Pie - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178878   Category: Ethics

Why do good people do bad things? In the wake of the Spitzer lawsuit, the Enron debacle, and countless other examples of negative behavior, we must examine our personal and corporate codes of conduct to restore the public trust in the insurance industry. Using a case study approach, we will discuss why ethical decisions are considered "dilemmas", how to go about using a framework to make ethical decisions, and why doing the right thing is always the best thing for your business.

Ethics, Smethics, Cut Me Another Piece of the Pie - 2 Hours
Course ID: 178879   Category: Ethics

A leaner version of our 4-hour workshop, designed for those who require a 2-hour ethics course or simply want to present a survey of the issues.

Executive Risk: Corporate Liability in the Post-Enron World - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178150   Category: Fire/Casualty

Understand the importance of protecting businesses and other organizations and associations from the risks of corporate liability. Includes a review of D&O and EPLI policies.

Farm and Agribusiness Liability - 4 Hours
Course ID: 184978   Category: Fire/Casualty

A review of the coverage provided under the ISO Farm Liability Coverage Form, the need for CGL coverage for farming and ranching operations, and the use of excess and umbrella policies to properly insure agribusiness exposures.

Farm and Agribusiness Property Insurance - 8 Hours
Course ID: 184958   Category: Fire/Casualty

A farm property policy is a unique combination of a personal lines Homeowners policy and a Commercial Property policy. This seminar will provide a detailed examination of the provisions of the various Farm property coverage forms including those for mobile agricultural equipment and livestock.

Flood Insurance - 3 Hours
Course ID: 206889   Category: Flood

This seminar will examine the need for flood insurance and the provisions of the NFIP flood policy, as well as the government's role in determining eligibility, coverage amounts, and terms and conditions for flood insurance. Complies with the NFIP requirement for agencies selling flood policies.

General Liability Insurance - 4 Hours
Course ID: 215882   Category: Fire/Casualty

A survey of the latest edition of the ISO CGL policy including insuring agreements, exclusions,and other important policy provisions.

Highlights of the Homeowners Policy - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178171   Category: Fire/Casualty

Does your insured understand what is and is not covered on this policy? Clarity is the goal of these sessions. We will highlight newer policy language and endorsements that can make all the difference to your insured.

Hot Topics in Commercial Insurance - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178151   Category: Fire/Casualty

In 2001 and 2002, ISO made changes to both property and liability forms, totally revised the commercial crime program, and introduced the new equipment breakdown form. In 2004, more changes are coming down the pike from ISO. This seminar addresses these changes as well as those on the horizon and helps participants to understand the impact this will have on commercial insurance buyers in the future.

Inland Marine Coverages for Contractors - 4 Hours
Course ID: 177779   Category: Fire/Casualty

Since many agencies specialize in contractors, we have designed this course specifically to examine the various policies often required by general and subcontractors, including Equipment Floaters, Installation Floaters, Builder's Risk, and Employee Tools.

Inland Marine Insurance - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178152   Category: Fire/Casualty

Understand the types of risks that are eligible for inland marine coverage and the types of policies available to insure them. Distinguish between "filed" and "non-filed" forms and why it matters.

Insuring Residential Contractors - 1 Hour
Course ID: 187939   Category: Fire/Casualty

It's still a challenge to write residential contractors, particularly in California. This short seminar will discuss how to present the risk to the underwriter, how to obtain the pertinent information from the customer, and what's available in the marketplace.

Insuring the "Other Side" of Agribusiness Accounts - 3 Hours
Course ID: 184998   Category: Fire/Casualty

Farmers and ranchers are often cash-poor but land-rich. Because of that, there has been an increase in non-farm use of agricultural property, some of which presents huge hazards to both the landowner and the insurance company. This seminar addresses the concerns with this use of land and the way these new and emerging exposures can be insured.

Introduction to Employee Benefits Insurance and Risk Management - 8 Hours
Course ID: 215302   Category: Life/Health

A primer on group health, group life, group disability, retirement plans, social security and workers compensation. Designed for those new to Employee Benefits insurance.

Invaluable Endorsements for Every Commercial Lines Property & Casualty Agent - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178155   Category: Fire/Casualty

A longer (four hour) look at the Endorsements in "Better than Garlic" with some important additional Endorsements in many lines of coverage.

It's Not 007 — It's Surety Bonds - 4 Hours
Course ID: 183819   Category: Fire/Casualty

The study of surety differs from that of insurance in many ways. This workshop will acquaint participants with the need for surety bonds, the many financial aspects of surety bonding, the types of bonds available, and bond underwriting.

Legs, Regs and Judicial Review: How the Law Impacts Insurance - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178175   Category: Fire/Casualty

Understand the history of insurance regulation in the United States and differentiate between federal and state regulation while identifying the federal and state regulations that impact the insurance industry in California. Explain the role of the California Department of Insurance, including its authority, funding, and purpose and describe the issues surrounding insurance deregulation. Explain the impact of "unofficial regulators" on the insurance industry and identify the federal and state legislation that has impacted the insurance industry in California. Understand the structure of the U.S. judicial system and describe the court cases that have had an impact on the way agents and brokers conduct the insurance business in California. Find resources for doing legal research. Can be adapted for use in other states as well.

Lessons Learned the Hard Way—Surviving Hurricane Katrina - 3 Hours
Course ID: 189839   Category: Fire/Casualty

What was once a rare occurrence, has now become commonplace—billion dollar disasters. As an industry, we must find new ways to deal with the increased tendency of people to put themselves in harm's way, whether from hurricanes, tornados, floods, or wild fires.

My Excess is Better than Your Surplus - An Agent's and Broker's Guide to Successfully Navigating Nonadmitted Waters - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178176   Category: Fire/Casualty

Understand how the surplus lines market works, what should and should not be placed there, what the upside and downside is of dealing with the market, how to select a broker, and how to minimize E&O exposures when placing business with a nonadmitted carrier.

Ocean Marine Insurance: The Granddaddy of them All - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178177   Category: Fire/Casualty

Identify the various exposures specific to owners of vessels. Explore the rich history of ocean marine insurance, its terms and conditions, and how to address the needs of prospects and customers.

Often Overlooked Commercial Property Coverages - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178178   Category: Fire/Casualty

Understand the purpose of various and often overlooked Commercial Property Endorsements and forms such as the Builder's Risk Coverage Form, the Leasehold Interest Coverage Form, the Condominium Association and Unit-Owner Coverage Forms, and the Legal Liability Coverage Form.

On the Road Again: Insurance Coverage for Truckers and Motor Carriers - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178156   Category: Fire/Casualty

Understand the need for specialized policies for truckers and others who are engaged in the transportation industry.

Peretuation for Agency Growth and Development - 6 Hours
Course ID: 217082   Category:

Most agency owners wish to have the agency grow and prosper beyond their tenure. This seminar will deal with the many important issues surrounding ownership transfer, perpetuation of the agency, and asset disposition.

Personal Automobile Insurance - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178157   Category: Fire/Casualty

Be able to describe the types of vehicles available for coverage, types of information contained on the declaration page, the aspects of Part A - Liability Coverage, Part B - Medical Payments Coverage, Part C - Uninsured Motorists Coverage, and Part D - Coverage for Damage to Your Auto. Be able to describe the insured's duties following an accident or loss, explain the provisions in Part F, and explain how each of the endorsements is provided by the PAP.

Personal Umbrella Coverages and Underwriting - 2 Hours
Course ID: 178158   Category: Fire/Casualty

Be able to describe the personal umbrella policy and the customer's needs, while describing what information is needed to make an underwriting decision. Identify exposures, and describe the liability exposures for households and residence employees, and explain and evaluate alternatives. A case study will also be used to illustrate an application of the personal umbrella policy.

Property - The Forgotten Area of Contracting Risks - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178180   Category: Fire/Casualty

This course will assist agency owners, producers, and others in understanding their potential dangers in the construction document their contracting insureds routinely enter into and sign. It will focus on the Property aspects of the document and the insurance issues resulting from it. We will review the property policies in the marketplace today, contrasting and comparing language.

Property Insurance for Contractors - 7 Hours
Course ID: 224313   Category: Fire/Casualty

This course focuses on builders risk and contractors equipment insurance, including suggestions for maximizing the effectiveness of the coverages. It also includes a review of important concepts with respect to insuring the contractor's office or other permanent property. Topics include covered and excluded property, covered and excluded perils, covered parties, and alternative methods of reporting covered values. Various policy provisions that impact the scope of coverage such as subrogation, occupancy, and cancellation are also examined. Suggestions for modifying coverage to address potential coverage gaps and other problematic provisions are provided where appropriate.

Rule #1- No Income, No Business! An Agent's and Broker's Guide to Business Interruption Coverages and Strategies - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178182   Category: Fire/Casualty

A focused look at one of the most misunderstood areas of insurance. For our customers, it's quite simple: if they don't have the coverage they are likely to lose their business and their livelihood. We'll help unravel the mystery so you can better serve your clients.

Shift Happens: The Changing Face of Insurance Distribution in the 21st Century - 3 Hours
Course ID: 178098   Category: Life/Health

Understand why insurance carriers feel compelled to explore alternative methods of distribution and what the driving factors are in the economy causing them to pursue these options.

The Terrorism Threat - Evolving Insurance and Risk Management Solutions - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178160   Category: Fire/Casualty

Understand the issues surrounding the 9/11 terrorist attacks and their implications for commercial and personal insurance buyers. Describe the provisions of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002 (TRIA). Comply with the requirements included in the TRA. Identify the market for terrorism coverage, understand the pricing of terrorism, and evaluate the terrorism exposure for commercial and personal clients. Design and implement risk management solutions to the exposures presented by terrorism, while familiarizing the students with ISO and non-ISO terrorism endorsements.

The Ultimate Account Manager—Module Four - 6 Hours
Course ID: 188499   Category: Fire/Casualty

See the UAMS page for more details.

The Ultimate Account Manager—Module One - 6 Hours
Course ID: 178183   Category: Fire/Casualty

See the UAMS page for more details.

The Ultimate Account Manager—Module Three - 6 Hours
Course ID: 188498   Category: Fire/Casualty

See the UAMS page for more details.

The Ultimate Account Manager—Module Two - 6 Hours
Course ID: 178188   Category: Fire/Casualty

See the UAMS page for more details.

The Ultimate Submission: How to Get Your App to the Top of the Stack - 2 Hours
Course ID: 178189   Category: Fire/Casualty

The name says it all!

Umbrella and Excess Liability - 2 Hours
Course ID: 178191   Category: Fire/Casualty

Most of our customers do not purchase high limits of liability, despite the fact that the product is immensely affordable. Perhaps we're just not explaining it right. This workshop will help you understand the vast differences between the two forms of coverage, the characteristics shared by most forms, and how to discuss the need with your client.

Under the Radar: Solutions to Property and Liability Problems - 2 Hours
Course ID: 189359   Category: Fire/Casualty

This seminar addresses the little tricks of the trade every insurance professional should know when confronted with unusual exposures and unique problems with an account.

Understanding Business Interruption Coverages - 6 Hours
Course ID: 178161   Category: Fire/Casualty

Finally, a workshop on this subject that that you can comprehend (even if you are not a CPA), that is presented from an agency viewpoint, and that is definitely not a remedy for sleep deprivation. This is a deep discussion of the many, many issues involved in arranging Business Income coverage, the types of coverage forms available, and how losses are settled.

Underwriting of Trucking Accounts - 2 Hours
Course ID: 187938   Category: Fire/Casualty

If you're going to pursue this niche, it's a good idea to know how the underwriter is going to view your submission. This workshop was designed and is presented by people who know the trucking market inside and out—the underwriters themselves!

Underwriting, Rating and Insuring the Farm and Ranch Risk - 8 Hours
Course ID: 213062   Category: Fire/Casualty

A comprehensive look at the various exposures presented by farm and ranch risks, the method used by various insurers to treat those risks, and the rating process that determines the price the insured will pay. A carrier coverage comparison is included in this course.

Where Are the Alligators? An Introduction to Risk Management - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178194   Category: Fire/Casualty

Insurance is but one of the tools in the risk manager's toolbox, and it should be chosen as the treatment of last resort. In order to better advise a client, every agent should have an understanding of basic risk management principles including the identification of loss exposures, the various methods to treat those exposures, and the implementation of the chosen technique.

Who's that Behind the Primary Carrier? A Beginner's Guide to Reinsurance - 3 Hours
Course ID: 178195   Category: Fire/Casualty

Be able to understand basic terms and concepts used in reinsurance, benefits of reinsurance to policyholders, reinsurance of marketing systems, reinsurance functions, various types of reinsurance, development of reinsurance programs and program administration, and reinsurance regulation.

Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance - 4 Hours
Course ID: 178162   Category: Life/Health

Explain the legal concepts and purpose of the Workers' Compensation system, how Employer's Liability relates to Workers' Comp and the coverage provided by the WC and EL policy.

Workers Compensation for Contractors - 6 Hours
Course ID: 206887   Category: Fire/Casualty

This course provides a general overview of standard workers compensation and employers liability insurance, with specific attention to provisions that most affect coverage or create problems for some or all contractors. In addition to the standard policy provisions, key statutes that impact contractors workers compensation exposure and costs, such as independent contractor liability, employee leasing, overtime pay, and various federal acts, are also addressed. Suggestions for modifying coverage to address potential coverage gaps and other problematic provisions are provided where appropriate.

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