Designations - AAI®

The Accredited Adviser in Insurance designation, gives you the professional edge you need to better your sales and service skills. This agency-geared designation program helps you learn the ins and outs of insurance and the agency business.

"Knowledge is power."  —Sir Francis Bacon

We like that statement. Simple, straight to the point, and it rings true in the insurance industry. As the insurance industry gets more complex, it's easy to become overwhelmed. The AAI® designation immerses you in the industry's subtle details and helps you gain the confidence and expertise to better serve your clients. Fast-track your career and sell more by earning the AAI® designation.

Course Curriculum

The AAI® designation program is split into three courses and nine total segments so that you can learn progressively.

Course Outlines

This designation program does require the passing of exams to complete.

What's in it for me?

The following statistics were gathered from a study conducted by The Institutes (AICPCU) regarding this program:

  • 95% of program completers said earning the designation was important to demonstrating their professional competency.
  • 89% of completers stated that earning the designation provided them with increased job opportunities.
  • 82% of designees believed they gained greater job security during times of organizational consolidation and transition.
  • More than 83% said earning the AAI designation helped fast-track their career progression.

Class Information

We'll bring AAI® to you!

We don't currently have any public AAI® courses. Contact us to have us come to your agency or to inquire to be put onto our waiting list for AAI®.

The segment approach lends itself to one-day presentations that can be delivered in your office. Exams are taken on-site following the class. No travel and less time out of the office.

If you are an agency owner or sales manager you can sign up a group for this education program. There is strength in numbers. Imagine what your team could be doing with the proper training.

Call or email us for more information.