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No matter what your current experience level in insurance, we can help you maximize your potential. Just imagine what you could do with the proper training; it's limitless. With AMRG's professional development courses and programs we help you learn more... and help you earn more!

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Stand Out in a Crowd

The Ultimate Producer School™ is geared toward getting new producers the tools needed to be more successful in their agency.

Our in-depth producer school provides the perfect balance of technical know-how and sales skills to allow you to hit the ground running! Learn from other successful insurance professionals.

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Success Stories

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  • "...You helped me to learn what I needed to know to be successful at my agency. The rate of success I've seen compared to where I began was astonishing. Let me know when you develop a graduate program! -Mike, CA

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Not old, just experienced.

Agency Management Resource Group has been providing training and development solutions to independent insurance agents across the nation for over 20 years. Learn from people who have stood in your shoes, and walked a mile.

You wouldn't trust an auto mechanic to operate on your heart, why trust your education to anyone but the experts?

We've been in the trenches, now we're looking to help you develop the skills you will need to compete in today's fast-paced insurance environment. Learn from some of the foremost insurance experts in the country and be fully prepared to succeed.